Sharp Container Drop-Off

bicknee-sharps-container-five-quart Home & Community Safety

Neighbors, please let us help you safely dispose of your sharp medical supplies! “Sharps” (needles, syringes, etc.) are a necessary part of care for many of our customers and their pets. Diabetics who inject insulin go through as many as twenty needles a week and some pets may need injections daily. Storing used “sharps” in a proper, child-safe container is crucial for your family’s safety. That container then needs to be disposed of responsibly so that the folks who collect and treat our garbage can be safe too! If you need an appropriate container, we can help you get one.

Drop off at our downtown 324 S. Union Street location only. There is a per-container disposal fee:

  • $6.95 for containers 5.4 quarts or smaller
  • $8.95 for larger containers

Please consider the safety of your family and our whole community and dispose of your sharps responsibly!