Prescription Refills

Clickable Convenience

We have three locations ready to fill your prescriptions – even for your feathered and four-legged family members! Ordering a same-day pick-up or setting up a recurring refill is as easy as clicking on a store below.

Prescription Delivery

We are happy to deliver prescriptions within Traverse City limits free of charge.

Custom Compounding

In addition to modern convenience, we can offer medication customized exactly for you. As a “compounding” pharmacy, we can make your doctor’s prescription “from scratch.” This allows us to create medicines that taste better, are easier to swallow, and are free of the allergens that come in many commercial medicines. We can also work with your doctor to get your dosage exactly right. No more pill-splitting or compromise. Your needs are unique. Let us customize your medicine to meet them!

Click on your preferred store location below to place your refill order:

Thompson Pharmacy – Old Town Traverse City; 324 Union Street

Thompson Pharmacy – Inside Oleson’s East; 1100 E. Hammond Rd.

Thompson Pharmacy – Inside Oleson’s West; 3850 N. Long Lake Rd.

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