Patient Lifts

Where the Heart Is

Your home is your home. It’s where you want to stay. We understand that. Accessibility equipment like wheelchair lifts and ramps can help family members stay at home safely, even as they become less mobile. Whether you need a temporary folding ramp or an electronic lift to get in and out of bed, we offer rentals, sales, set up and advice.

We carry, rent and manage installation of:

  • Folding Ramps
  • Patient Lifts
  • Liftchairs
  • Standing Lifts
  • And Much More!

Caregiver Care

Your loved-ones’ mobility needs create needs of your own. Our goal is to help you manage their care safely, while avoiding injury to yourself. Even if you can carry your disabled family member up the stairs…that doesn’t mean your body is built to do it every day. Lifts, ramps, and local experts who care can help make it easier for you to do what you must for your loved-one. By frequenting your local, family-run pharmacy, you are hooked into a network of professionals who navigate this process all the time. We know the ‘ins and outs’ of how managing decreased mobility can become a smaller part of your day.