Beds & Accessories

Sweet Dreams Equal Sweet Days

Restful sleep is a necessity for wellness. There are times when standard beds cannot provide a good night’s sleep. That’s where we come in. From adjustable hospital beds to feeding trays for your loved one, we will help you find, rent or purchase the sleeping equipment that is crucial for their wellness and/or recovery.

We stock and carry equipment to provide nourishing rest including:

  • Hospital Beds
  • Pressure Reducing Mattresses
  • Bed Lifts
  • Over the Bed Tables
  • Reading Accessories
  • Intercoms
  • Wedge Pillows
  • Trapeze
  • Overlays
  • Sheets
  • Underpads
  • And Much More!

40 Winks…On the Way!

Whether a family member has recently undergone surgery or your doctor has advised a pressure reducing mattress for your health…your hands are probably full. The last thing you need to worry about is transporting heavy equipment. We deliver and set up beds all over North West Michigan. After arranging your equipment, our trained technicians will educate your family on how to use it safely.

See here for the areas we deliver to. In some instances, a fee may apply. Call, email, or stop by to set up a consultation.

Shop Beds & Accessories

Find the specialty bed or mattress to finally get the restful sleep you need! We also offer hospital bed rentals. If you don’t see what you need, ask! We’re here to help.

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