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  • As a “compounding” pharmacy, we can make your medicine “from scratch.” Why give your family medicine that tastes bad, contains allergens or that isn’t the ideal dose? Let our certified compounding pharmacist custom create the prescription that is exactly right for exactly you!

  • From compression stockings to beach wheelchairs, we carry, sell, and rent the equipment your family needs to function at its best.

  • We custom create specialized, good-tasting or easy-to-apply medicines for vets and owners of domestic or exotic animals.

  • Our experts are just around the corner to help you adapt, and then adapt again. As children grow and/or aging parents lose mobility, you may need to customize your home or medicine to meet those needs.

  • From lift-chairs to antibiotic lollipops, we’ve got a diverse and extensive stock of supplies and equipment to meet your needs. Shop on-line, stop by our stores, or have your prescriptions and medical equipment delivered! Not sure what you need? Schedule an in-home consultation!


Is a loved-one having difficulty swallowing necessary medication? Would combining your maintenance medication into one dose make life a lot easier? Our compounding pharmacist can offer advice or compound a medicine just for you!

Questions about your equipment needs?

You or a family member may be facing new medical challenges and you’re not sure what equipment will help you adapt. Perhaps decreased mobility has you considering a lift-chair? Our experts offer consultations to determine the perfect equipment for your changing needs!